MONEY - the Bravura Theatre story and how YOU can help:

In the ridiculously competitive business of making art, talent alone has never been enough: one needs (a lot of) luck and (huge amounts of) generosity from strangers. One needs patrons; investors who believe in the elusive nature of the ‘product’ of entertainment – it’s been the case throughout history.

A world without patrons is a world without Michelangelo and Da Vinci – it’s a world without Shakespeare. Imagine never having had Romeo & Juliet, or Macbeth…imagine a world without Hamlet. Our language would be so much poorer. Our understanding of what it means to be human would not have developed so poetically substantial. Shakespeare had sponsors who allowed his talents to flourish, and we have been enjoying the fruits of such wise investment for over 400 years.

Now, we are not claiming to be as talented as Shakespeare (we wish!), but our needs are just as earnest: we hope to learn and to inspire people, and to be able to pay the bills in the process. Indeed, this is not a request for funding for a one-off affair: our inaugural production of Hamlet in 2015 marked the first step towards a truly ambitious and momentous project, the creation of a company.

Bravura Theatre seeks to establish a legacy of enriching our dynamic community; we wish to help our city to thrive culturally through international cooperation (via the many connections General Director Rodrigo Beilfuss has established with the UK and Brazil) and social pluralism.

Parallel to staging productions, Bravura Theatre will regularly offer workshops and training for local artists – aspiring and established. Besides being an actor and director, Bravura’s leader Rodrigo Beilfuss has extensive experience in the creation and management of theatrical enterprises. Additionally, he has recently been appointed Artistic Director of Winnipeg’s leading Shakespearean theatre: Shakespeare in the Ruins (SIR). Rodrigo was also a founder of local companies Theatre by the River (a registered charity in Winnipeg), Foolish Wit Inc. and Fancy Bred Theatre. Moreover, Rodrigo has over 5 years of intense project management experience as an administrator with the University of Winnipeg, as well as a rich background in communications and marketing management with Creative Manitoba. We are confident that, with the right support, we can make Bravura Theatre thrive.

Bravura Theatre believe that the best way to kick off a great idea is by making a huge statement; and what bigger statement than staging the greatest play ever written?

This is our chance to lay a firm stepping-stone on the path towards the cultural enrichment of a place that is filled with potential.  

If you would like to become a patron of the company, please get in touch with General Director Rodrigo Beilfuss HERE

Thank you!